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AZO GmbH + Co. KG

展位号: Hall 5.1J33


AZO 集团为食品、制药、化工及塑料制造等工业提供可靠的生产流程自动化解决方案。


总部位于德国奥斯特博肯(Osterburken)的AZO 集团是一个家族企业,目前由创始人的家族第二代领导。我们提供的解决方案品质优异、可靠性极高、以及我们在自动化物料输送领域中65多年以来积累起来的丰富经验,能够为广大客户带来巨大的优势。正因为我们矢志不渝地为广大客户寻找最佳的解决方案,所以集团如今已经成为全球范围内散料和液体自动化处理领域中的领军企业之一。

我们在世界各地利用面向未来的高新科技帮助广大客户实现具有创新性的项目。虽然集团是一家着眼全球的国际型企业,但是我们能够对每一个AZO 解决方案均作出“德国制造”的品质承诺。



  • Product intake systems (pickup hopper, lump breaker)
  • Dosing systems (dosing screw, AZODOS®)
  • Silo and discharge systems (outdoor/indoor silo, vibration bottom)
  • Conveying systems (vacuum, pressure, dense-phase)
  • Vacuum weighing systems (single-pipe, multi-pipe, central weighing)
  • Big bag discharge systems
  • Big bag filling systems
  • Screening systems (cyclone-, liquid-, inline-, pre-screening)
  • Minor ingredient automation (COMPONENTER®, DOSITAINER®)
  • Process IT
Supply of additives using ManDos: secure, operator-guided and fully documented

Supply of additives using ManDos: secure, operator-guided and fully documented

Using the ManDos manual weighing station, mixing vessels can be filled with previously weighed quantities. The controls do guide the machine operator reliably through the weighing process. It is possible to add entire bags, but also to weigh micro quantities using platform scales and then add them to the mixing vessel. Errors in production are avoided as the computer prompts operators through the weighing process. Production is documented simultaneously, enabling batch tracing.

Vacuum conveying systems for feeding the dosing systems.

Vacuum conveying systems for feeding the dosing systems.

With pneumatic feeding systems, personnel costs can be reduced and production buildings designed at lower cost. In addition, one product input station can be used to supply several compounding lines at the same time.


AZO GmbH + Co. KG
Rosenberger Str. 28
74706 Osterburken

电话: +49 6291 92-0
传真: +49 6291 92-9500

AZO Ingredients Automation System (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
Building 15-102, Hi-Tech Industry Park, No. 36 Hi-Tech Ave Huayuan Industrial Area
300384 Tianjin
P.R. China

电话: +86 22 58627521
传真: +86 22 58627646

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